Laser cutting, Water jet cutting, Oxy (flame) cutting, Plasma cutting, Router cutting, Punching & Bending…..all under the one roof !

 With our comprehensive range of modern CNC cutting machines, Computer Cut can offer you a diverse range of cutting services and the ability to cut virtually anything. No other company in Adelaide can offer you this flexibility, allowing you to choose the most suitable and cost effective cutting process for your shapes.

Some of our work:

image plasticcutouts-jpg

image plasticpart-jpg

image plasticparts-jpg

image plasticsign-jpg

image img_0809-jpg

image plasticcutout-jpg

image timbercutouts-jpg

image timberlaminate-jpg

image timberrouting-jpg

image timbercncrouting-jpg

image img_0655-jpg

image img_0078-jpg

image pict0256-jpg

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image ceramicaustralia-jpg